PROPEL is a small, innovative, stent-like device intended for use following ethmoid sinus surgery to maintain the open passages created in surgery. Sinus surgery with the PROPEL sinus stent uses a clever combination of device design and medication delivery to improve the outcomes of surgery and provide relief of chronic sinusitis symptoms at the source.

There is also the PROPEL Mini intended for use following ethmoid or frontal sinus surgery to maintain the sinus opening.

How Does PROPEL Provide Relief from Chronic Sinusitis?

While minimally invasive sinusitis surgery is one of the most effective treatments for chronic sinusitis, the chronic nature of the condition, ongoing inflammation and scarring, can threaten to block sinuses again. PROPEL can help decrease inflammation for longer-term relief, as it treats inflammation where it happens

How Does PROPEL Sinus Stent Work?

The PROPEL sinus stent opens, delivers, dissolves, maintains, and eases, as follows:

Opens. It props open the sinus after surgery. This allows air to circulate and mucus to drain, so proper sinus functioning and healing can take place.

Delivers. The PROPEL sinus stent contains an anti-inflammatory medication. It delivers the drug in a controlled manner, directly into the healing sinus tissues that need it. This helps to decrease inflammation (swelling), and prevent scarring.

Dissolves. As PROPEL sinus stent delivers the medication, it slowly dissolves. This takes about 30 to 45 days. It can be left to dissolve or be removed at any time.

Maintains. The PROPEL sinus stent is clinically proven to maintain the outcomes of surgery. This means less likelihood for additional surgical interventions or the need for oral steroids.

Eases. The PROPEL sinus stent is lightweight, and usually cannot be felt once in place. And, its unique dissolvable design eliminates the need for removal, for additional peace of mind.

PROPEL Sinus Stent Procedure Animation

Are These Implants FDA Approved?

PROPEL and PROPEL Mini are the first and only steroid-releasing sinus implants approved by the FDA to maintain the open passages created in surgery. Each is available by prescription only.

How Long Does The PROPEL Sinus Stent Last?

PROPEL dissolves over 30 to 45 days following surgery and clinical studies have shown that patients show symptom improvements even 6 months following the surgery.

Is PROPEL an Effective Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis?

PROPEL implants are the first and only sinus surgery products clinically proven with Level 1-A evidence to improve the outcomes of sinus surgery. PROPEL is effective in

  • Reducing scarring of the healing sinus by 70%.
  • Reducing the need for additional post-surgery interventions and/or oral steroid medications by 35%.
  • Reducing polyp formation (harmless non-cancerous growths) by 46%.

What are the Benefits of PROPEL?

PROPEL is beneficial in

  • Reducing the need for post-operative intervention, such as revision surgery
  • Reducing the need for oral or systemic steroids
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing the risk of scarring
  • Improving post-surgical results

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the PROPEL Sinus Stent?

The PROPEL sinus stent is ideal for patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. Sinusitis, in general, is a complex and frustrating disease, but learning about the causes, symptoms, and treatments available can help you find the solution that is best for you.

What is the Recommended Age Group for this Treatment?

These products are intended for use in patients 18 years of age or older.

Are there Risks Involved?

These products are not intended for people who are allergic to the drug (mometasone furoate) or to certain polymers. Safety and effectiveness of the implants in pregnant or nursing females has not been studied. Risks may include pain/pressure, movement of the implant (within or out of the sinus) and possible side effects of the drug. The most common side effects in clinical studies were an infection, headache and nose bleed. For more information on the risks and benefits of PROPEL and PROPEL Mini, please talk to your doctor.


Clinical evidence supports the safety, effectiveness, and clinical utility of this bioabsorbable steroid-eluting implant for use in chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) patients. PROPEL was further associated with favorable rates for maintaining the sinus opening. At 1 month, minimal degrees of inflammation and adhesions were observed, suggesting a positive clinical impact of local steroid delivery without evidence of ocular risk.

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