In North Texas, seasonal allergies are a reality for many of us.  Sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and postnasal drip are all characteristic of allergic rhinitis (hay fever).  At North Texas ENT, we offer a complete array of allergy testing and treatment for seasonal allergies and food allergies.

For minor cases, we can treat your symptoms with medications and avoidance.  For more severe cases, we are able to identify the specific allergens causing your symptoms and treat those allergens with immunotherapy targeting these offending particles (pollen, grasses, etc.) with weekly allergy shots or sublingual (beneath your tongue) drops you use at home.

In select cases, we may offer RUSH therapy, which speeds up the process and allows your body to quickly develop a tolerance for your specific allergens, which will minimize or eliminate your symptoms.

Additionally, treatment of your ENT allergies will often improve or eliminate your associated asthma, sinus and gastrointestinal symptoms.